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Heating Oil Supplier

  • C.O.D Service

  • Home Heating Oil Delivery

  • Same Day Deliveries when Available

  • Premium Diesel 

  • We accept HEAP

"We live, think and work for you, whenever you need us, we will be there"


- Rosales Oil Co.

Any season of the year






I was with a major fuel oil company for over 30 years who forgot 2 deliveries and I ran out of fuel both times. I shopped around spoke with varies companies and selected Rosales Oil Company. It has a  competitively priced, is local business owner, is pleasant & also cares about the family. What more can you ask for in today's world.


He habitado en Long Island por mas de 30 años y hubiese querido conocer esta empresa desde que llegue a esta ciudad. Tienen excelentes precios y una calidez única al cliente. Recomendados!


Rosales Oil has excellent prices over the market.  I appreciate paying the same price whether is cash or credit card.

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